Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer Time Reminiscing

Outfit Details:

dress: Modcloth
shoes: Elie Tahari
earrings: vintage
lipstick: Maybelline

So I will admit, I am already missing summer a little bit. Granted we launched back into the summer weather this past weekend, which was a nice surprise. That is what sparked my motivation in making this delicious Lemon Bar Cheesecake! As you may have figured out I am a tiny bit obsessed with lemon as of late and find it is the perfect addition to any treat or drink, especially in the summer! Just like pumpkin is a necessary ingredient during the fall and winter.

So join me in reminiscing about the wonderful weather we had this summer and sharing in the hope that maybe that weather will continue to pop up! This Modcloth dress makes it much easier to imagine the warm summer sun and the beautiful long sunny days, that are continuing to be cut shorter and shorter.

Anyone else missing summer?

Recipe from Southern Living: Lemon Bar Cheesecake (used the crust recipe from my lemon bar recipe)

Food photos by Me (Carolyn Thombs Fine Art & Photography)
Outfit photos by Margaret Thombs


  1. Yes, I'm missing summer, today has been nonstop rain where I live :'( That cheesecake looks so yummy! And your hair looks so gorgeous in these photos :)

    1. I hope summer comes back quickly!!! Thank you so much :)!!