Monday, September 22, 2014

Poppy Red

Outfit Details:
dress: Kensie via Macy's (similar)
belt: vintage
shoes: Kelsi Dagger via Threadflip
bracelett: lulu's
earrings: Chloe & Isabel

Back in July my sister and I went to Miami for a few makeup jobs I had wit James Cornwell. Our last day there we had some down time before the next job and decided hey lets go shop! Also we needed to get something to wear for a possible outing that evening, which fell through since we had to leave to head back home. So back to the point, it was easily 100 degrees outside and super humid, walking around to find places to shop was a rough task and not as easy as we originally thought. 

We went into Zara first and found so many amazing things! Of course I was on a mission so I limited myself to these shoes and a possible dress choice for that night. We weren't fully satisfied and needed a few other things. We made our way to H& M and then finally Macy's, which thankfully was not as crowded as the other stores had been and had a much cooled temp! 

While looking around I spotted this gorgeous dress on the clearance rack (winning!), love at first sight! All that was left to make the match finalized was to try it on... Granted it was not that daunting of a task because I have gotten Kensie pieces before and they generally fit me pretty well. But you never can tell especially since the day had been trending towards the side of difficult sizing, whomp whomp whomp! 

I got into the dressing room and slipped into the dress and hey hey the zipper slid right on up with out even needing someone to help me!! 

This was a great end to the hot and muggy shopping trip. I was very happy to find out that this dress was indeed meant to be and also helped me in my task of adding more color and variety to my wardrobe!

photos by Chrissy Cunningham

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