Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time for 2013 Resolutions

Brought in the New Year with these sexy shoes from Sam Edelman, purchased from Piperlime. I wore a light tan short chiffon dress and black tights to accompany these lovelies. 

Another year has gone by and a new one has begun, and everyone knows what that means: time for some New Years’ resolutions! At least for me a lot of my New Years’ Resolutions are on repeat and end up being mostly the same every year: Work out more, lose weight, stay focused on my career…la-de-da. I am sure this is a similar trend for many of you out there. 

For some reason I am very optimistic this year that I will stick to all of my resolutions! 2012 was such an amazing year for me and I plan on keeping that a trend and making 2013 an even better year! 

So here they are …my 2013 Resolutions:
  • Write more regularly for Lipstick & Chiffon (I know I got very distant at the end of 2012, the Holidays just seemed to consume most of my time—but no more excuses!)
  • Be wiser about my spending habits—So listen up all you cute shoes, clothes and bags out there and please do not tempt me this year!
  • Wait for it….Work out more (yes an overused resolution but a very important one)
  • Watch what I eat (yes another resolution that I should have stuck to last year--- but I swear this year is different!)
  • Work harder on expanding my business and making more connections
  • Don’t stress over everything and take time to do a bit more reading
  • Finally finish all of my sewing projects and art projects that are half finished
  • And I am sure there are other things that should be on this list, but they can wait. 

So bring it on 2013!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Enjoy & Be Beautiful! 

My boyfriend Jon and I on New Years Eve at Growlers in Philly! He is the best thing to have happened to me in 2012 :)

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