Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Many clients of mine have asked me how to clean your makeup brushes and how often. I know many of you out there probably have cleaned them once maybe or not at all.

It is a bit of a chore to do, but your face will definitely thank you when you are using germ free brushes on your skin. 

This is especially necessary for brushes used with liquid products such as foundation brushes. Just imagine how much product stays behind after each use, day after day. Not a pretty thought. 

The best way to keep your brushes clean and so they have a longer life is to clean them every two weeks. If you use foundation everyday it wouldn’t hurt to clean your foundation and concealer brush every week. 

If you are a makeup artist and use your brushes on a different person everyday or multiple people in a day; your brushes should be cleaned after each face. The best way is to have brush cleaner or alcohol in a spray bottle for in between each use. Then that night give all your brushes a thorough cleaning.  

When using brush cleaner or alcohol to clean your brushes, spray some of the liquid on a paper towel and then rub the brush in it and repeat until there is no product that comes off on the paper. A great brush cleaner is Cinema Secrets Professional Brush cleaner or you can just bye straight up Isopropyl Alcohol (which is cheaper). 

I would not use the alcohol approach on the reg. because it will eventually damage your natural hair brushes over time. 

For a thorough cleaning you can use one of the following: Dawn Dish washing soap (I prefer the Dawn with Olay the Hand Renewal), Baby Shampoo or regular Shampoo (I like the Tresemme Split Remedy version). 

How I start is by twirling my brushes in a bit of the soap in my palm. Then I take one brush at a time (with the bristles facing down in my palm) with the faucet running, I swirl the brush in circular motions until the water runs clear. Then repeat until all the brushes are finished. Do not submerge your brushes completely in water because that may cause the glue to loosen the bristles therefore leading to shedding (one thing I hate and can’t stand). 

When you are done, re-form your brushes and then place them so the brush is hanging off the edge of a counter so the air can circulate around them and dry them completely. 

And there you go! Nice clean brushes and happy skin! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful! 

Images from:
Carolyn Thombs (mine)


  1. this is timely...I seriously need to clean my brushes.

  2. I used to clean my brushes by just putting them in the sink! I thought it would help since they'd be soaking, but thank you for telling me!
    This looks like a great way to clean them and will definitely be doing it in the future! Love how the post is 10 minutes read as well, very direct and to the point. Thanks!!

    Read about the best bottle brush cleaning sets reviews. Thanks!

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