Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Great Gifts for the Makeup Lover Part II

Another great place to find wonderful sets for that special person who absolutely loves makeup is Nordstrom. Each brand in the cosmetic department has beautiful sets including skincare, makeup and bath sets.

This is always the best time to try a new skincare regimen that you have been thinking about, a new fragrance, or even get a beautiful eye shadow palette.

I couldn't pass up getting the Laura Mercier ‘Smoky Effects’ Mini Kohl Eye Pencil Collection ($48) with shades including: Jet Black, Antique Jade, Black Violet, Brown Copper, Black Gold, Black Navy, Black Turquoise, and Stormy Grey.

I also got the Laura Mercier ‘Soft Nudes’ Mini Lip Glace Collection ($48); which was great for stocking stuffers as well as some perfect shades for Weddings!

Click here to check out the other great gifts Laura Mercier has to offer!

Other great brands that have gifts as well:
Brush Set

Holiday Sets from Nordstrom

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

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  1. I love make up more then anything, but at the same time why does there have to be sides. Why can't we just accept if somebody doesn't want to share any interest in makeup or if somebody wants to put makeup on, don't shame someone on what makes them feel comfortable.

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