Sunday, September 30, 2012

NYFW SS'13: Nolcha Fashion Week

Nolcha Fashion Week
Sponsored by: Rusk
Key Artist: Michelle Webb

Mariana Valentina with Signature Makeup Look

Designers featured that day: 
Adolfo Sanchez – Aisha X Artini – Angelys Balek – Arrum Lilly – Baruni – Bolongaro Trevor – Firetrap – Gulshachereli – Kabuki U – Mariana Valentina – Pamela Gonzales – Pretty Green – Priti by Design – Richard Smith – Studio 6th Sense – YB Couture

Signature Look of the Show:
Check out the video tomorrow to see how to turn the signature look into an everyday look.

The signature look for majority of the designers was designed by amazing makeup artist Michelle Webb. The look was green glowing eye makeup to emulate the atmosphere of Spring and Summer; with a pretty pink cheek to give an overall light and airy fae-like look. The light pink coloring was also applied to the lips to make a stain. 

Mariana Valentina with Signature Makeup Look

Angelys Balek:
We did a black smokey eye and nude lip on the models.

Angelys Balek

Pamela Gonzales:
This was the most intricate look I did all fashion week and my favorite as well! We used black pigment on the eyes in a cat eye shape with gold on the inner corner and lash line halfway in. The lashes we put on the models had long black feathers on the outer corners. For added luxury to the look we lined the lips with a gold contour and put a peach into the center of the lips, pressed gold leaf onto the brows and then slashed on gold to the neck and collarbones of the models.

Pamela Gonzales

For the hair the Rusk Stylists did a loose, thick French braid and sprayed gold into the hair line around the face.

Pamela Gonzales

The clothes were a beautiful companion to this Baroquesque elaborate makeup design. 

Pamela Gonzales

Shows my models were in:
Angelys Balek - Pamela Gonzales - Bolongaro Trevor - Mariana Valentina - Fire Trap - Richard Smith

Richard Smith & Firetrap

This was an amazing and fast paced day! I am so happy that I am a part of the AOFM Pro team and was able to assist Michelle Webb on so many shows. 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

p.s. Let me know if you would like me to create a ready to wear look from the Pamela Gonzales makeup design!

Images from:
Sandra Sokoloff
Sandra L. Madhere for Focus
Keenography Focus
Vanessa Susana
My Android Phone

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