Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sunset Hair & Back to Blogging

Outfit Details: hair color and style by Daniel and Iva Bella Salon; top: Old Navy, pants: Old Navy, bag: from Rachel Zoe Box of Style, shoes: Betsey Johnson 

Hi Everyone! I'm back! I know it's been some time since my last post, but I needed a break from all the requirements I had placed on myself and needed to simplify things in my life. I am trying to learn how to balance my work schedule with creative projects and with a personal life ( I know weird, who has those!). 

I have revamped my A la Carte Scheduling to fit how my life is now (don't worry post coming soon)! Last year, as most of you know, I got married. The planning process, of which I documented a small portion of here, took a lot of my time; along with running my business. With all of that, blogging began to feel more like a chore than a creative outlet, so I stopped as a way to cut out some of the stress in my life. 

My process for reorganizing my life began with a new invoice and client management tool: 17 hats, and this has helped me immensely with simplifying the process I take with each new or existing client for booking and invoicing.

 My next step was to figure out social media. Like many of you, I find managing my socia media to be a consistent challenge, and only just figured out the best approach for me. I decided to shift my focus to concentrate on Instagram, with a few Facebook posts here and there. Using this simplified approach to social media has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Social Media always seemed like a chore, but now, I am saving time and having more fun with my posts!

Basically I am going back to square one. Just like I say to all of my makeup lesson clients, you need to start small and then gradually add in more products or techniques. Otherwise you will never stick to your new routine. I also want to make sure you all reading this continue to enjoy the content and possibly learn from it, so please be vocal and share with me what you would like to see! 

So stay tuned for some posts that never got posted and some new material! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful Babes! 



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