Friday, September 18, 2015

Double Fishtail

Beauty blogger lipstick and chiffon

Beauty blogger lipstick and chiffon

I recently had a bridal inquiry for hair and makeup and the style she was thinking of was a chic boho double fishtail braid style. When I first saw the inspiration photo she sent me, I was a little apprehensive because yes I know how to do a fishtail braid, but this was definitely not a style my brides had asked for before. So I told her I would practice it and see how it looked and get back to her. 

Well this was on my second try!! I think it turned out pretty well! It is definitely a messy free-flowing style and I loved it. For those of you with less layers in your hair , the messiness will be toned down. Also second day hair with some dry shampoo helps with giving you some texture and volume for the style. And I used little clear plastic ties to secure the hair.

 I really appreciate this bride -to-be for getting me to try something new! I can't wait to try this on her at her trial coming up this next weekend!! 

What style have you been wanting to try, but are too afraid to?


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