Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lets Talk About Bras...

Bras from top to bottom:
Wacoal (my favorite bra of all time!)
Freya (We can have fun bras too!!!) 

Since high school I have been searching for the perfect bra. One that isn't too thin, isn't dumpy, still lifts and separates and is comfortable. Most that I had tried didn't last very long or left deep indents on my shoulders because they couldn't support the weight. 

I finally resigned to the fact that I needed to leave Victoria's Secret behind and venture into new lands in the world of braziers. 

I took research into my own hands and looked up how to measure myself for a bra to get the proper fit. That is when I discovered that if I make sure the band is snug it will help support and alleviate the pressure on my shoulders. Once I figured out my perfect size: 34 F, it was time to invest in a bra that would take my ladies to another level of comfort and support. Wacoal was the first brand I tried and absolutely fell in love with! It was like I could breathe again and a lot of the back pain I was feeling lessened significantly. 

My ladies looked supported and great in my clothes, no spilling over or popping out. When you figure out your true size and try that miracle bra on for the first time it really is a life-changing event! 

Make sure to look at each of the brand's measuring tips because sometimes they can vary from brand to brand. If you don't want to do it yourself look up a boutique that knows what they are doing to do it for you. 

Good luck in your search! I would love to hear about your travels in the world of braziers! 

Keep those ladies happy and lifted!

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