Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Alter It

photo by The Pinwheel Collective 

v before ^after

I purchased this dress while I was working for BCBG back in the day and absolutely loved it! After a little while I found that the little triangles that were supposed to cover up my chest just weren't getting the job done. So finally at the beginning of this summer I decided to get it altered!

I sure as hell didn't want to give it away because I absolutely love the pattern and it was actually long enough that I could wear my heels or flats with it. I brought it to a tailor and had them move the zipper down and get rid of the little triangles. And voila! Now I have a maxi skirt! This is also what fueled my interest in crop tops. They are the perfect pairing with high-waisted maxi skirts.

I have a lot of other pieces I am going to alter as well and can't wait to share them with you. So if you have some pieces that you used to love and they just don't fit correctly anymore go to a tailor or a local seamstress or designer and talk to them about your options to make the piece into something you could wear.

Have you done this before?

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