Friday, January 17, 2014

Fragility of Life

Fragility of Life Series

While out taking photos for my blog one day, I came across this slightly cracked egg shell just laying on the brick. It seemed like such a small and delicate item, that I wonder how I actually saw it.

It amazes me that something so small and delicate could photograph so beautifully, with endless possibilities for placement in my surroundings to get the perfect photograph. It was  fate to have found this little treasure while the flowers were still in bloom!

It seems a bit morbid that I would be so inspired and fascinated by something that once held a living thing and most likely didn't even get to hatch. Though, regardless of the emotions that could be attached to these images (which I leave entirely up to each viewer), I am so happy with how these turned out and how it draws the eye in and then brings your eyes on an adventure through the photograph, mainly pertaining to the last photograph. The first is devoid of distraction and gives the mind more freedom to create a story for this egg.

How do these photographs make your eyes react?

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