Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Makeup Website Launch!

Carolyn Thombs Makeup Artistry & Consulting 

Finally I have re-done my Makeup Artistry site!! And to celebrate this I am offering a special deal on group make-overs/classes!

This service is normally priced at:
1-3 people: $120/person
4 - 8 people: $100/person

For January 2014 -March 2014 I have lowered the price to only $60/person (max 8 people and minimum 2 people

A group make-over includes the following:

+ goodie bag for each group member
+ step by step run through of skincare routine and makeup routine
+ tips on smart skincare and makeup wardrobe building
+ products (skincare & makeup) are provided (if you wish to use your personal products that can be arranged as well, but their is no difference in price per individual)

The class starts with an overview of the steps one should take when doing their skincare routine and/or makeup routine. I then choose a model (the hostess of the soiree), but I do help each and every client when they need my help. The main purpose is for each client to become comfortable with their skincare and/or makeup and to develop a routine that they will use on a day to day basis!

I say skincare and/or makeup because, if a group is more focused on just learning skincare then there is no problem with just focusing on that and vice versa. The class is meant to benefit the individuals participating so each class is tailored according to the group's needs!

All I ask is for each member of the group to fill out a questionnaire, regarding their skin type, skincare routine, makeup routine and products they use, so that I can have the best products for each client on hand for them to try/use.

Dates are limited so email me quickly to reserve your date! 
Be sure to put "Group Make-Over/ Lipstick & Chiffon and [your desired date]" in the subject (include 2 more possible dates in the body of the email just in case)

(I do live in Virginia so this deal applies to those in VA, DC, MD, NYC and Philadelphia, all other areas will be subject to travel costs)

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