Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Favorite Brushes

My lovely brushes! 

Brushes are one of my favorite things to buy for my kit. I love how they help me to blend a product into the perfect graduated color on the lid or to create that perfect streamline for a cat eye liner. 

I do love all of the brushes I have but I will admit that I do have my favorites in the bunch. 
Here they are:

This brush is great for blending out lines in foundation, applying powder in small areas, blending eye shadows, applying highlights, sculpting and so many more uses. 

These brush sets are amazing! I have both and they are very similar (Crown is just less expensive). They truly create a beautiful airbrushed look to your makeup! I use the foundation and concealer brush on myself everyday. They blending brush is great for blending out colors or popping color in the crease. The eyeliner brush (which is included in the Crown Brush version) is perfect for creating that line for a winged out eyeliner.

I absolutely love this brush and use it so much! It is great for making eyeliner have a softer look by slightly smudging it. You can use the pencil to put the eyeliner on and then use the brush to smudge/smoke it out or use the brush to apply the eyeliner which will automatically add a softer feel to the liner. You can also use this brush to put on lip liner. Get the brush loaded with the lip liner product and then paint your lips and then apply your lipstick (creates longer wear). 

I love using this brush to apply bonzer or even when I use my Dior Air Flash Foundation! It blends in beautifuly into the skin and doesn't leave any streaks.

This is a great way to achieve a truly flawless complexion. By using a smaller brush you can pay closer attention to detail and covering what needs to be covered. I use this with liquid foundation, cream, powder or with my Dior Air Flash.

This is the Brush set I got when I when to the Academy of Freelance Makeup. It is a wonderful set of brushes that gives you the full range of brushes that you need. Definitely a great investment for you artists out there! 
These are my favorites from the set (even though I love using all of them):
Pro Application Brushes 1-5: I love using these for placing color, they come in multiple sizes so you can pack on color on a large area or small
Pro Wide Blending Brush: amazing brush for doing an all over sweep of color or helping to blend colors
Pro Fine Line Brush: precise way to apply gel or liquid eyeliner

This is an amazingly soft brush that will perfectly blend blush into the skin creating a perfect cheek.

Great brushes for those of you who can't stand shedding brushes. EcoTools do not shed at all and are super soft to the touch. This is a great set for those of your just starting to build your brush collection or those of you who only need a few brushes. 
Mini Powder Brush: perfect for applying powder only where needed or buffing foundation into the skin
Mini Foundation Brush: a small brush that can be used to apply foundation and even concealer.
Detailed Eye Shading Brush: for applying a small amount of eyeshadow along the lash line or in the crease or in the whole lid

Great brushes for those of you who can't stand shedding brushes. EcoTools do not shed at all and are super soft to the touch. Great for those of you who want to expand a bit on their brush collection and try some new styles.
Finishing Brush: great for applying mineral or powder foundation or finishing powder or even bronzer
Angled Eyeshadow Brush: perfect for getting color in the crease or doing that outer corner sideways check mark (crease connected to lashline outer corner/triangle area)

Awesome eyeliner brush to fill in the tight-line (right where the lashes pop out of the skin). It helps fill in any gaps between the lashes, which helps to created an appearance of fuller lashes and can be used as a more subtle eyeliner. 

This is a great brush to get a perfect cat eye, do smaller designs or anything else you may need a small brush for. Definitely a must for professional makeup artists.

I hope this list is a helpful tool for those of you looking for brushes to use on the reg or even for you professional makeup artists who don't know which brushes to build or add to your kit. 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful! 

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