Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday Fun

So today is my birthday, and very well could be the best birthday to date! I have already celebrated it somewhat this past weekend. Did a family dinner at Maggiano's, which was amazing and it was wonderful having almost everyone present, my little buggie (younger sister colleen) wasn't there. Then drinks with friends was a wonderful time as well.

Today is going to be a wonderful day of relaxation and enjoying life topped off with some awesome music!

To start today Jon made me an amazing breakfast which was so delish!

For lunch Jon and I went to Great Falls Park and had a little picnic and a nature hike.

For the Grand Finale on this wonderful day I get to go to the Volbeat concert at Rams Head Live! They are my favorite band and I get to see them on my birthday! Loving life!

Enjoy & Be Beautiful! 

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