Friday, March 4, 2016

Stripes in the Snow

Outfit Details:
top: Victoria's Secret
belt: vintage
skirt: unknown

This is an outfit I had wanted to shoot for so long! When that last big snow happened I figured it was a perfect time to shoot it. I was absolutely freezing out there and for the last bit of shots I took off my shoes and danced around in the snow. I could barely feel my feet after that. Totally worth it though!!!

This skirt used to have a little lace top portion attached, but of course it didn't really fit the ladies very well. So I decided to get rid of it and voila! A skirt was made!

Did you take any fun photos when we had the big snow storm?! 

photos by Margaret Thombs



  1. You are absolutely stunning in this shoot!!! You're always lovely of course, but this series had me saying "wow!"