Thursday, February 18, 2016

Getting Out of that Winter Slump

The winter is always a tough time for me. I have plenty of down time that I should use to get all those things done that I had been putting off during my busy season and there is my never ending list of blog work to finish. I just am always able to find excuses not to do something or have no energy or drive to be productive. So by the end of winter and right before my busy season starts I am scrambling to get things done that I had been putting off for weeks! 

This winter I have definitely gone through this stage, but thankfully I am aware of my problem and have found ways to shake this funk before the end of my slow time! Here are some steps that I have created to pull me out of the winter abyss:

Step 1: Get out of bed!
Step 2: Workout
Step 3: Put a mask on and relax a little bit and think about what I want to tackle first
Step 4: Paint my nails while mask is working its magic
Step 5: Shower at some point
Step 6: Put a little bit of makeup on 
Step 7: Get dressed in a cute outfit
Step 8: Start with one task on my to-do list
Step 9: Make lunch, coffee or dinner plans to get out of the house
Step 10: Repeat until I feel fresh and back to my old self (or a new and improved self)

Now all of these steps may not and most likely will not take place in one day. If it does on your first attempt, way to go!! Otherwise, just take it day by day and slowly ease out of that winter funk. After all we wouldn't want beautiful Spring to see us in such a slump?!

Masks to Try:

Fun Nail Polish:

Cute Ensembles:

 How do you shake that winter funk?!

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