Monday, December 28, 2015

Cape with Fur Trim

Outfit Details:
cape: vintage
top: Boston Proper
skirt: Brooks Brothers
necklace: vintage
boots: unknown

I have never really gotten into capes before (except for costumes when I was younger), but as a fashion statement they had never crossed my radar. Now you see them popping up all over the fashion world. An easy way to stay warm while letting your arms stay free and mobile. This concept makes so much sense, because sometimes a coat can really restrict your arm movement and then if you get warm you have to struggle to take the whole coat off. With a cape air flow is able to circulate unless you don't want it to and then you can easily bundle up.

Here this look is very elegant and chic, not necessarily a typical ensemble I gravitate towards, but one I wouldn't mind popping on once in awhile to feel extra "ritzy".

How do you guys feel about capes?

Here are some beautiful ones that I am loving:


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