Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Current Beauty Routine

Beauty Blogger Lipstick and Chiffon

I haven't updated you all on my current beauty routine in awhile! If you have been following me since the end of last year you know that I had to basically start from scratch trying to find the right skincare regimen that wouldn't aggravate my eczema. But finally after trial and error I have found an awesome solid regimen that works great with my skin. I still have some mishaps once in awhile if I try a new product that my skin rejects but it goes back to normal much quicker than it had before.

Morning & Night

Eyes Essential Serum for detoxifying which helps with my dark circles and puffiness
Kate Somerville eye cream with helps with hydration and my dark circles

Beauty Blogger Lipstick and Chiffon
Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential // Kate Somerville CytoCell

After I cleanse my skin I put this on, it helps with clearing up scarring and any hyper pigmentation I have from past breakouts, it also helps to prevent any future breakouts
Beauty Blogger Lipstick and Chiffon
Morning & Night

Kate Somerville Eczema cream I use when my eczema gets irritated
Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer I use as my daily moisturizer, it is lightweight and hydrates my skin nicely and never feels greasy
Beauty Blogger Lipstick and Chiffon
Kate Somerville Eczema Therapy Cream // Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer 

DreamSkin is what I put on after my moisturizer and sunscreen, it helps to seal it all in and correct surface issues on the skin like hyper pigmentation, lines, dullness, redness, pore size, uneven tone or texture

Beauty Blogger Lipstick and Chiffon
Dior DreamSkin

In regards to my makeup routine, I have kept things pretty simple and have been enjoying the fact that I don't have to plaster as much product on my skin anymore to cover things up. Very exciting times!! I usually just use my Dior Hydra Life tinted moisturizer and then my Diorsnow BBeye cream/concealer for my undereye puffiness and darkness. They I pop on some bronzer and at times I will add some blush as well. For my eyes sometimes I will put on my NARS larger than life black eyeliner in the waterline/tightline and then maybe a winged line above the lashes or I will just slap on some mascara and be done with it. For my lips I usually go with one of my favorite reds or I will opt for my fave purple Dior lipstick in #786
So I have been keeping it quick and clean for my makeup and saving the dramatic or intricate stuff for the shoots I work on or the tutorials I do for you guys! 

What is your current beauty routine? Stepping it up or dialing it back?


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