Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Removing the Clutter

I reached a point recently when I had to ask myself: "Why am I writing this blog?". The answer was lost to me for awhile because I follow so many blogs, most of whom have a much larger following than mine. For some time I have been trying to figure out what has made them so successful. This process made me question every post that I was doing, instead of just writing about what I wanted to or staying true to myself. 

I got lost and stranded from the reason why I started Lipstick & Chiffon because it became clouded and mysterious to me.

 I recently went back to some of my older articles, preparing a writing portfolio, and saw myself in them. Not a version of myself that I thought people wanted to see, but I heard my voice in all the writing. 

For sometime now I have felt that mental block on my mind in finding the words to feed this blog. The photos have improved, but I have noticed that my writing took the hit and was becoming pointless. I wasn't necessarily offering a funny/relevant anecdote to go along with the the outfit I was posting or offering styling advice or shopping or makeup tips. I started trying to obtain a version of Lipstick & Chiffon that was robotic and void of my personal touch. 

After some soul searching, I am back and I thought it would be quite fitting to explain my reasoning for the title " Lipstick & Chiffon", I may have touched on its meaning before but I wanted to elaborate even more on it and why it embodies what I love and what pushes me to work harder for my dreams in this world.

Lipstick & Chiffon embodies all the aspects of the creative world that drive me to build my own business and that feed my soul. Lipstick is firstly for the fact that I love lipstick and find it a vital part in my makeup wardrobe. In a larger meaning it pertains to my business as a makeup artist and how much I love applying my artistic skills to the world of makeup! Chiffon pertains to the beautiful world of fashion. I love shopping and everything about clothes so much (too much for my own good/my wallet)! Chiffon is also one of my favorite materials and is used to create such gorgeous pieces of clothing. In a more whimsical sense of the word; chiffon is a sheer fabric that can be composed of a few different materials and represents a view of how fashion can be a sheer barrier between your personality and the world. The fashion you choose to wear represents who you are without even having a conversation with someone. It is that thin veil between your true self and the world around you. How you choose to ornate that veil is entirely your choice.

How do you bloggers out there stay true to your muse and yourself?

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