Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rain Droplets

"Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life."
- John Updike 

Rain Droplets

It was such a rainy day, but not that bone chilling rain that happens so often in the winter. It was a soft comfortable rain. When there was a slight break in the rain where it digressed into a soft misting of rain, I took advantage and ran outside to check and see if the mail had come yet, that is when I saw this perfect spider web, its home owner currently absent. The rain droplets had formed perfectly on the intricate lace pattern.

I ran inside and grabbed my camera and just started shooting. Next I noticed our small rose bush had two gorgeous blooms on it and the rain had weighed them down so much that some of them were hanging upside down. I then traveled to our larger rose bush, that we had planted for our dog Chloe, and there were even more blooms to capture! The soft mist that was still falling didn't bug me at all and I captured all of the beautiful droplets stippling the roses and ivy.

I finally went back inside after I felt satisfied that I got every vantage point and every shot I could have ever wanted. I uploaded the images to my computer and put them in a folder. I didn't look at them until recently and am so overjoyed with how they turned out! I didn't even have to edit much, I mainly fiddled with the contrast, clarity and upped the blacks where needed.

What do you guys think?

All images are available for print in various sizes and various forms. Email for more information and pricing. 

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