Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Fall Essentials from Target

Yesterday I did a nice shopping trip to Target with one of my very close friends Jenna after a fantastic lunch at Panera. I had not been to Target in quite some time and was pleasantly surprised at all the fabulous accessories they had to choose from to add to ones fall and winter wardrobe. 

 I found some amazingly cute leather gloves with a bow on the wrist part of the glove and a very fashionable fedora. Normally I am not much of a hat person because generally I feel that they don't look that great on me. But once I put this beauty on I knew it was meant to be! 

I purchased both for around $32 including tax. I have to say that is quite a steal! 

There are a lot more styles of hats and gloves to choose from at Target so don't hesitate and go get some accessories to top off your fall and winter looks! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!!!

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