Monday, July 16, 2012

AOFM Post Grad Perk: Bobbi Brown Masterclass

A few weeks ago I attended a Bobbi Brown Master class hosted at the Executive offices in SOHO in NYC. I was able to attend this class because I graduated from the Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM) in October of last year and this class was one of the post grad perks. 

The Bobbi artist was Marc Reagan and he was absolutely phenomenal and demonstrated the Bobbi products very well. 

He showed the top 10 Bobbi products everyone should have and explained why they are such great products. With these products you can makeup up any face as an artist or as an individual getting into makeup this is a great starter set to begin with and then build upon.

Their 10 Step MU Kit Must Haves Include:

1. Long-wear gel liner in black ink
Use an ultra fine liner brush to apply 
You can also use this product to do a quick smokey eye as well

2. BBU Palette 
This palette consists of the full range of concealers & correctors from Bobbi Brown and the full range of crème foundations as well
I definitely concur that this palette is a must have for every artist. You can apply foundation to any skin tone with this palette and you can also change the texture of the product just by mixing it. Use a bit of the cream foundation and mix it with a moisturizer and then BAM! A tinted moisturizer!

3. Shimmer Brick
This is the original highlighter. They now have different variations that include a bronze palette, neutral palette, rose palette and others. You can use the Brick palette as a highlighter, blush, bronzer or as eyeshadow. 

4. Pot Rouge: lip and cheek color
Crème blush and lip: This product was developed from her watching her grandmother use her lipstick for her lips and cheeks. Best applied with fingers to blend evenly on the skin.

5. Bronzing Powder
It is very hard to find matte shades, so Bobbi developed matte bronzers that give a realistic glow to the complexion. They help connect the head to the body, so that you are not walking around with what appears to be a floating head! 

6. Extreme Party Mascara
This is the only formula that builds on itself and can be reapplied up to 4 times in a day and never clumps. It has triple black pigment so that you get those super black lashes to frame your eyes. 

7. Long Wear Crème Eyeshadow 
This is a 12-hr formula and is humidity and sweatproof. You can use these as an eyeshadow bases and will help to provide a base color that can be utilized to build a beautiful eye that will stay put all day.

8. Universal Pressed Powder
It takes away red and oil and can also help to set under eye concealer. 
It comes in 7 colors and in the fall they are planning to expand the range by 4 more shades. 

9. Basic Brush Collection
This includes 6 brushes in a beautiful case. It is perfect for the beginner artist or someone just getting into makeup. This collection gives you the basics that you need to start building your makeup portfolio.

10. Numbers 1-10 lip colors
These are the colors that started off her career. No one had an all brown/nude based lip range back in the 90’s. With this range you can create any color. 

If you decide to try any of these Bobbi Brown products you will definitely be able to use them for multiple purposes, as we can see from the top 10, she loves versatility!

She believes that you need to get bold with definition! You can’t define with whimpiness according to her! So pick something you love and let it shine!!

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

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